Encrypted At Rest

All data stored in Polyture is sharded between multiple storage nodes, and is encrypted independently of each other.

No Write Access

Polyture is non-mutating, read only. All ingested data, whether from live SuiteCRM, Epicor ERP, or locally uploaded Excel spreadsheets cannot mutate the original source data.

No Data Leakage / Data Separation

Another compromised Polyture account cannot access Avionic Instrument’s data. All data is segregated in separate, namespaced resources.

Secure Credentials

Polyture is protected against cross origin scripting, SQL injection, and other common security threats. Even in the worst case scenario, where data is leaked in plain text, attackers will be unable to parse credentials. In other words, if your Polyture account credentials were to ever be compromised (which can be mitigated at time of attack), your credentials could not be used to determine other credentials you may be using, for other accounts.

Uptime Reliability

Polyture is deployed with rolling updates, to ensure zero downtime, even during system upgrades. Polyture runs on a failure-resistant compute cluster that can survive downed machines via auto-healing.

Session Expiration

Polyture forces a single session per user. Existing user sessions automatically expire upon explicit login (creation of another session) using account credentials, on user logouts, and every 30 days.