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Transform your business
with data science

Polyture's automation puts bleeding edge data-science tools into the hands of knowledgeable industry professionals.

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Use Polyture to Optimize:

Sales Forecasts
Distribution Routes
Inventory Planning
Customer Preferences
Equipment Failures
Quality and Assurance

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Why use polyture?

Build Real-Time Dashboards

Build powerful, real-time dashboards with visualizations of key performance indicators and deploy them across your organization.

Automate Reports and Data Pipelines

Quarterly Reports, Sales Pipelines, Manufacturing KPI Reports and more.

Unify and Organize Your Data

With our large library of connectors, you can import data from all of your systems then clean, join, visualize and export it.

Make Predictions Using AI

Put your historical data to use. Generate high accuracy predictions using the power of automated machine learning.

Data Skill Agnostic

We believe that subject matter experts should build and control their own data pipelines. That’s why Polyture is accessible to anyone with basic Excel skills.

Fully Featured

Take advantage of the entire traditional data stack in one unified application.

Use Polyture's scalable server or deploy in your
own self-hosted environment

Get started on Polyture Cloud or manage and deploy your own custom instance.