Use Case

Improving HR in Two Business Units

Background / Challenge:

Avionic Instruments and Acme Aerospace were both in the process of transitioning to new websites. The legacy website had an unsupported, custom built module to handle all inbound job applications from the website application form. The department was used to this workflow, and wanted to recreate it without having to custom develop another module for the new website.


The form data from the websites was imported to Polyture through a warehouse data connector. The connector was set to sync the data every half hour.

A dataflow was then built to split the applications per business unit, calculate the amount of job applications occurring per day, split the results to measure demographic data, and visualize the results. 

Three dashboards were created from the dataflow with visualizations of job applications and demographic information for:

Data from the dashboard tables could be downloaded as a CSV file as needed, and copies of the dashboard were emailed on a weekly schedule.


Each application was connected to Polyture’s secure data warehouse.

The data was then:

Using Polyture’s built in visualizations, custom graphs were configured for each KPI / success metric.

These visualizations were shared through password secured web-based dashboards customized to fit the needs of each stakeholder.


The Human Resources departments of ACME Aerospace and Avionic Instruments now operate with independent systems despite pulling from the same data source.

The management of ACME Aerospace and Avionic Instruments can now view advanced statistics and metrics of job applicants, and choose whether to segment by business unit, or in aggregate.