Use Case

Building a Sales Command Center


At Avionic Instruments, the leadership team within the sales department recognized that the existing CRM system needed enhanced data transparency and reporting. In addition, the need to accommodate the flexibility of distributed office and remote work required a solution that could be accessible to the sales team in any location, on any device.


The Avionic Instruments team needed to automate data extraction, manipulation and visualization from their CRM, to build a digital command center from which the health of the department’s sales and marketing pipeline could be assessed and managed.

The following requirements had to be met:


An Avionic Associate Business Unit Manager spearheaded the project.

The user connected the CRM system to Polyture’s data warehouse, then used the designer to create dataflows that measured and visualized all the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the sales department.

These dataflows were permissioned to address the various levels of management within the sales department, and dashboards were created with the following requirements:


With this new command center, the sales management team was able to operate with total transparency, and increased efficiency within the distributed office / remote work environment.

In general, Polyture caused new sales processes to be put in place that improved the organization’s sales focus, performance and throughput.

Leadership was able to make better informed decisions, as a consequence of becoming a more data driven organization.