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What if you could...

Cut business expenses by 10%

Book twice as many sales meetings?

Predict demand for your products?

Predict equipment failures?

Cut business expenses by 10%

Build data analytics pipelines to monitor and maintain the important processes powering your business.

Team meeting to discuss optimizing business operations and sales
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Mission Control

For Decision Makers

High-performance data platform, fully customizable to meet dedicated business needs with the power to connect all data applications, internal and external — delivering a complete, powerful and protected business intelligence solution.

MySQL connectorSnowflake connectorPostgreSQL connectorAirTable connectorShopify connectorAmazon S3 ConnectorGitlab ConnectorGithub ConnectorGoogle Sheets connector
Integrate Business Data

Easily connect your data from common third-party services or file formats including MySQL, Snowflake, Shopify, Excel, and more

Custom Analytics
Unique Analytics

Create your own data pipelines to monitor your business and make predictions to drive business decisions with our rich library of simple, no-code tools

Easily share your custom analytics with our easy to use dashboards
Always-On Insights

Receive scheduled updates and share your analytics and insights with key individuals in your business

Excel sheet connector
Google Sheets connector
CSV connector
Parquet connector
Snowflake connector
Airtable connector
Github connector
Github connector
PostgreSQL connector
MySQL connector
NetSuite connector (coming soon)
Coming Soon
Quickbooks connector (coming soon)
Coming Soon
SuiteCRM connector (coming soon)
Coming Soon
Google Cloud Storage connector (coming soon)
Coming Soon
Amazon Redshift connector (coming soon)
Coming Soon
Polyture has built-in support for many popular databases, data warehouses, and data formats.
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Polyture Dataflow Editor with Insights panel screen shot
Dataflow Designer

Maintainable Pipelines

As your data infrastructure evolves over time, Polyture enables you to quickly and simply modify your dataflows, saving you precious time and effort.

Automated Machine Learning

Early Issue Detection

Polyture trains machine learning models that automatically make hyper-accurate predictions and forecasts from your data using the power of modern AI.

Use these predictions to inform organizational decision making.

line graph animations
dashboard animations
Shareable Dashboards

Shareable Results

Let your data tell its story with our rich library of graphs and visualizations.

Share your insights and automations with key individuals, from CEO to sales engineer.

Avionic Instruments' Sales Mission Control

Polyture unified data from their CRM and ERP into a central data-driven sales command center.

Better data, better decisions.

avionics employee overlooking office

Customers Who Trust Us

Client 1: Avionic Instruments
Client 2: Acme Aerospace Inc
Client 3: Additel
Client 4: AMP Solutions
Client 5: Geo Calibration